[:en]Teacher Career Coaching with Miss Wong[:zh]黃老師的一對一教師培訓課程[:]

[:en]This is a new program conducted by me Teresa Wong personally.

And it pays (literally) to read this clearly.

If you have followed me for a while and read some of my articles, especially those about my experience in learning and teaching, how I came from only teaching a handful of students to hundreds of students and teacher locally and worldwide, you know I have gone through quite a bit and also know how to build from almost zero to successful. (I like that, “from zero to successful”, it can be a best-selling book title right there).

Now, what I want to say it, I truly understand your frustration, I really do. Back in the days I had five students, I was desperately hoping I could have more, but I just didn’t know how. I had great background in piano performance and teaching, yet I had trouble finding students! Oh wait, I didn’t look for them, I was waiting for them to find me…

I believe that’s also your problem. I know you, I do. You also have great background in music, and you believe people would know how great you can be as a piano teacher (or performer), so you think you would wait for people to find out, because eventually they would… or would they? Have they found you yet?

I guess they haven’t. And that’s why you are reading this post right now!

I am not trying to put you down. In fact, I am trying to lift you up! That’s why I am writing this post right now, to YOU, because you deserve success.

But how can you become successful? How can you have the students you want and the teaching career you wish for for so long?

Is it by studying more? Getting more diplomas and degrees in music education or piano performance or even teaching? Those are great assets, but they are really not the most important things when it comes to having more students and launching a successful teaching career. Besides, don’t you have some of those “papers” hanging on your wall already? Instead, no one has seen them. No one actually knows they exist!

To put it more bluntly, NO ONE KNOWS YOU EXIST!!

Ok, your family knows, your friends know, your teachers know- but your potential students and their parents don’t know.

So what should you do? Put an ad on a newspaper? That’s expensive, and in fact, quite impractical and useless for your situation.

Want to know more? Watch this video first.


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這是由我Teresa Wong 黃頴姸 親自教授的一項課程。


如果你跟隨了我一段時間,並閱讀我的一些文章,特別是那些關於我的學習和教學經驗的文章, 你知道我如何從幾乎零到成功 、如何從數個學生到為香港甚至全世界無數學生和教師傳授知識 (我喜歡「從零到成功」,它聽起來像一個最暢銷書藉的書名)。 現在,我想說的是,我真的明白你對自己的教學工作未能實現的失望。回想那個時候,我只有五個學生,我非常渴望能有更多學生,但我就是不知道如何去找到他們。 我在鋼琴表演和教學方面有很好的經驗和背景,但我就找不到學生!就算有也不是自己想教的對象。 哦,等等,我沒有找他們,我在等他們找到我… 我相信這也是你的問題。我明白你的感受。我知道你也有很好的音樂背景,你並相信人們會知道你是多麼出色的一名鋼琴老師(或表演者),所以你認為你會等待人們發現到你的才能,因為他們最終會見到的… 真的嗎?他們找到你了嗎? 我猜他們沒有。這就是為什麼你現在閱讀這篇文章! 我不是想向你潑冷水。事實上,我是想鼓勵你醒過來!這就是為什麼我現在寫這篇文章給你,因為你應該獲得成功。 但你怎麼能成功?你怎麼能找到你想要的學生和你想要的教學事業? 是通過學習更多嗎?在音樂教育或鋼琴表演甚至教學中獲得更多的文憑和學位? 這些都是很好的資產,但是當涉及到得到更多的學生和成功的教學事業時,它們並不是最重要的東西。 另外,你們不是都已經把那些輝煌的文憑成績掛在牆上?可惜的是,沒有人見過他們。 沒有人知道他們的存在! 更坦白地說,沒有人知道你的存在! 好吧,你的家人知道,你的朋友知道,你的老師知道 – 但你的未來學生和他們的父母都不知道。 那你該怎麼辦?在報紙雜誌上放置廣告?那很昂貴吧,事實上,對你的情況來說,這是非常不切實際和無用的。 想知道更多?首先觀看此視頻。 https://youtu.be/P6-59BI5Aps 想要開始你的教學事業嗎?聯繫我們吧!我可以告訴你如何去做! 通過twsomusic@gmail.com發送電子郵件給我們,以便隨時知道我的教師培訓課程。