My Music Experience: Italy (II)

[anti-rclick]我的演奏經歷: 意大利篇 (二)

My Music Experience: Italy (III)
My Music Experience: Italy (I)

March 30, 2011

So I was in Italy for a whole month. Everyday I had at least three cups of cappuccino (only
1 Euro!), fresh juice (so delicious!), and different flavors of gelato. Let me tell you, they have the most delicious fresh fruit yoghurt(which is kind of like soft served ice cream) in the whole wide world I swear, in the smallest unknown little town no one knows how to find expect my Cuban voice professor (when I tasted the first bit of it, I tasted heaven- if there be one!). I also ate all the great cuisine-the pastas, pizzas, the sweets- there was to offer in the region I visited that time in Italy. In that one month I gained over 10 pounds of weight!

I did try to work out to maintain a good physique during my lunch breaks around noon time but it was way too hot and dry in the region which was in the middle of a valley so I felt quite dizzy during running and almost fainted from the bright sunshine and dehydration. So I gave up after a couple times like that.

The town we were in was quite small. In Italy (and also in Spain), they have this thing called a “siesta” (great for them!), meaning a rest in the middle of the day, occurring right after lunch. All shops were closed during these few hours of siesta (it didn’t happen in the bigger cities like Bologna because afterall they had more tourists and business to run). And the shops were also closed early in the evening around 7pm, meaning the shop carers only had to work for an hour or two after the lunch break and siesta! (why doesn’t this happen in Hong Kong right?) Since I was taking Italian class for the whole mornings, then having vocal coaching lessons or rehearsals in the afternoons (and sometimes concerts during the evenings), I could never visit any shops to do shopping or even supermarkets to get any necessities. And you could imagine there was not much to do after all the work was finished during the day, except hanging out with the singers(!) after the hours.

The little town we were in was the place called Piobbico, which had a sign up on the mountain “Piobbico” in white color just like the one they have in Hollywood (you know, the big white sign that says “Hollywood” you always see in the movies?). It also claimed to have the headquarter of this society of “the ugliest people in the world” of some sort, and people could go visit its office or museum there (but who wants to do that?). There were participants in our group who went to visit this headquarter but I didn’t ask if they saw the ugliest people in the world there or not (or any evidence of their sad existence). It was absolutely bizarre to hear such thing already and I did not bother to know the details of it.

Teresa Wong

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