Month: December 2011

Exciting News For Our Student Concert 2012

[anti-rclick]December 13, 2011

We are tremendously honored to have invited the respectable Mr. Richard Bamping, the principal cellist of the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra, to be the guest performer of our upcoming student concert on Jan 8, 2012 (3.30-5.30 pm) at the Hong Kong Arts Center.

We shall have more announcements for our student concert very soon.

我們非常榮幸地邀請到鮑卓力先生,香港管弦樂團的首席大提琴家,來到我們的學生音樂會表演 (2012年1月8日, 下午3.30-5.30, 香港藝術中心) 。


Teresa Wong

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Studio Announcement : Yearly Assessment

[anti-rclick]December 11, 2011

Dear Students/Parents,

As it is getting closer towards the end of the year, I will be doing an assessment for each student in recent lessons to see his/her progress for the year. This is NOT a test, just a simple check for each student’s progress and areas for improvement so that we can have better planning for next year.

Teresa Wong

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Teresa Wong: “Old Wine in New Bottles”

[anti-rclick]December 8, 2011

Teresa Wong plays Pamela Wedgwood’s “Old Wine in New Bottles”.

An Early Merry Christmas to you all!

[qt: 640 360]

Teresa Wong

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我的鋼琴書:終曲 (中文版)

[anti-rclick]December 2, 2011





你要對這本書和你的演奏保持積極的態度。對兩者都要有同樣的信任。 那樣, 你就能立即在自己的鋼琴演奏中取得極大的享受了。


黃穎妍 Teresa Wong

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