Month: December 2012

To My Students

Thank you for being my students/my students’ parents this past year. Without you I am not a teacher.

Everyday you inspire and educate me to be a better teacher and a better person. For that I truly appreciate. Being a teacher is at times difficult and exhausting, yet at the same time most rewarding and touching. Let us go hand in hand, to learn (to help the kids) and rejoice in music and piano playing in 2013!



2013 New Year Resolution and Planning

Tomorrow is the beginning of a new year, 2013. It is time for me to look back and review what I have done this year.

This year has been a year of struggle and perseverance. There were times I made bad decisions and fell. There were times I just wanted to pause and even stop. But I made it through, over and over again. Back then I felt like a failure. Now I can say I am proud to survive through them all. I must thank those who stood by me through thick and thin. And I hope some of them can stay with me in the new year.

Let’s see what I have done this past year, 2012:

Student concert (which was a great success and an enjoyable time)

Chamber music concert (big challenge I)

Performance appearance on TV (fun experience)

Performance video commission (something new and a bit of a challenge)

Judge for piano competition, twice (interesting and exciting experience)

Performance at my alma mater (big challenge II)

NPO set-up (challenging yet exciting)

New assistant (who is absolutely wonderful)

New students (who are totally adorable and fantastic)

Students’ achievement of great exam results (whom I admire for their effort and perseverance)

Okay, not so bad as I thought to be.

A new year needs new plans. New things, new system. New people. A new year also needs a new way of thinking and attitude. New kind of playing. New mentality. New technique. Some students and I have looked back at what we have achieved, could have done better this year and what we can improve next year. I feel excited as we speak. It will be a challenging year for me and for us. We have to believe in what we truly want, and make what we want happen.

Just believe. 100% in us, in it.

I have figured out the rough plan for myself for the first half of 2013 so far. And here it is:

January – March: learning new instrument (drums), implementing new teaching plan, working on piano method book again and having it finished most ambitiously first half of the year; setting up new members’ forum/area on website; also studying more on subjects of religion and psychology, continuing my study in language (French), writing more music

March – April: teacher training (yoga)

May – June: student concert planning

July: student concert (tentatively early July)

July – August: music course overseas (composition/film) (don’t worry Students, not the whole two months, more like two weeks I suppose)

On top of that, probably more on a year-plan basis, recording a CD (that means more practice for me), and organizing events for the NPO project.

And of course, continuing to renew my teaching method and guiding students to their fullest potential and appreciation of music/piano playing.

Especially to my Students: My new year resolution is to work on my Positivity and Faith, on myself actually, like I have on you all. Encourage me as I encourage you. We are all in this. And remember our Connection, among us and in us.

What is your new year resolution and planning, especially in terms of your piano playing?

Teresa Wong

See you all in 2013!

Christopher C: Turkish March

December 29, 2012

Christopher C. plays one of the many versions of Beethoven’s “Turkish March” here.

[qt: 640 360]

Note: For better viewing experience, please click on the post’s title and have the video mostly or fully loaded before you start watching it.


Build a long-term relationship with your playing

這個星期,我一直專注於鞏固學生們的技巧,更加精確地,就是手架 (hand grip),彈擊(attack)和重心轉移(weight transfer)。這讓我思考到,我該怎樣幫助我的學生去明白這是對他們的彈奏最重要的?






不論你們只跟我學習了一天又或是一年或兩年也不重要。我希望能為你們留在這裡,只要你們想回來找我,或是當你們需要我的建議時,我也是一直在這裡等你們。這就是我的老師從前為我所做過的,而過了這些年來,我終於看到了這在自己身上所發生的。這都是極大的感受和經驗。所以,Miss Grace,謝謝你在我的身旁。你不僅是我的鋼琴老師,而且是我生活上的老師。對於這點,我向你鞠躬,向你致敬。我渴望為我的學生作同樣的事情。我也想藉此機會感謝這些年來敎導過我的所有老師,真正的老師不只是為工作和金錢,而是為了賦予靈感,教育培養和人性文化。