Month: December 2012

Music and You

You are not important in your playing. Your music is. Forget about yourself! Forget who you are, how you look, and concentrate! Focus on what you are playing, that what you are feeling in the music is being presented the way you want to to the audience. Think about how to communicate and connect with the audience. These are the only things that matter.

Forget yourselves. And Music appears.

Teresa Wong

We Are All In This, We Are Not Alone

Dear Students and Readers,

I hope you are having a good holiday.

Students, as said in my many posts, I am always here to support you. Now, I want to take this further and say, that WE are here for you. This WE includes not only me, but also your fellow studio mates, i.e. my other students. I want you all gather and support each other. We have had some gatherings once in a while but that’s not enough. I would like to see you work as a team, so that you know you are not alone in this, but in fact, that everyone has his/her own case and problems to attend to and would for certain benefit from other’s ideas, support and concern.

In the coming year, I hope to make this more solid, by expanding this on the site here, setting up a member’s forum. In fact, I encourage not only you my Students, but also you my Readers here who have been following me all along. Of course I also welcome newcomers to join our big family circle here. We are all in this to share our love and passion for music and piano. We can also discuss the problems we encounter in our practice and playing. We can share own ideas and experience in our ongoing music journey. And I very much look forward to seeing this happening here.

For the younger students, I also have a plan for you. I am having a new scoring system for the brand new year. Yes, we still have the sticker and gift redemption system, but I want to make the scoring scale clearer and more concrete in terms of the various aspects you have to achieve on different levels in your playing, practice, and lessons. It’s even better (and more fun) than now you’ll see!

As of other ongoing projects, I will finish off my piano method book and start to compose more music of different genres/styles.

Since I have been being very bold and setting up a non-profit organization recently in the hope of promoting music and helping the underprivileged to learn music/piano, I am still uncertain about what to do/how to make it happen in real. If anyone has experience or is interested in joining us for some meaningful work like this, please contact us at

Thank you for following my posts and reading my thoughts all this time. I am grateful that so many of you have been supporting me in many ways all along. For that I am truly blessed.

I look forward, humbly and confidently, to a great year ahead.

With Love and in Faith,


On December 26, 2012

Topic of the Week: Hand Grip

Note: I have been writing this for the last whole week but since my computer and server have been down there was simple no way for me to finish this (still not done completely as I could not process the videos in English yet so they are in Cantonese now, except so far the first one which has both English and Cantonese versions). The topic of the week should be for last week. But anyhow, this is useful for any week of the month/year. Our hand grip.


This week we want to talk about the handgrip. This is one of the most basic things that we should be concerned about in building a good foundation in our technique.

Many of us focus too much on keeping the fingers stand at the beginning. The finger stand is very important but not easy to handle. In fact we are so concerned with keeping a firm finger stand, with the first knuckles out etc., that makes the hands become more and more tense in the process. We think that the finger stand is of the utmost priority, followed by the supple wrist and then the arm weight, body weight etc etc.

Hence we are neglecting the hand grip.

For Cantonese:

For English:

Note: For better viewing experience, please click on the post’s title and have the video mostly or fully loaded before you start watching it.

What is a hand grip ?

Hand grip is about the palm, the flesh, the connection among the fingers.

As we think so much about getting the fingers independent and all, the fingers become isolated in action. It might help to articulate each note clearly at the beginning, but in the long run the fingers become out of control, rhythm uneven, and notes sounding harsh and disconnected.

We need our palms to support our fingers, make the connection, provide energy and smooth lines. I call it “connecting the dots”.

Do you remember the little games that we play, connecting the dots with lines and eventually you see what the picture is, maybe it’s a dog or an aero plane? That’s what we do here, we draw the invisible lines with our palms (supported further by our whole arms, which will be explained in later posts), to connect those dots -our fingers.

Now let’s take a look at the next two videos:

For Cantonese:

For Cantonese:

Note: For better viewing experience, please click on the post’s title and have the video mostly or fully loaded before you start watching it.

This is just the beginning of how we can pay more attention to our hand grip from now on. In the next post, I shall talk more about how we manage to keep a firm hand grip at the same time maintain a supple wrist and move the whole arm more freely.

Talk in Videos: About Attitude, Practice and Everything Else in Piano Playing

Sorry Readers and Students, there are something wrong with my computer and server that I can only now temporarily put the videos on YouTube channel to share them with you here. I hope to have this fixed as soon as possible. Again, these videos are in Cantonese. I will put up some videos in English soon enough as well. Thank you for your attention here.


Teresa Wong

About Attitude, Practice, and Technique

Just a few voice clips to remind especially you, my Students (these are in Cantonese) – these are the topics that we have been talking about these couple weeks:
以下是幾個提醒你們 – 特別是我的學生 – 的幾個(粵語)錄音片段:

About Attitude I “Sameness”:

About Attitude IIFocus:

About Practice: Purpose:

About Positivity:

About Technique/Expressiveness: (Please listen to this one especially, my Students)

Teresa Wong