Month: May 2013

My Plead for My Charity Organization

Dear All,

For those who have been reading my posts/watching my videos/listening to my audios, you must understand – at least, a small portion of it – what I have been trying to do here. Looking back at the first day I started this website (or blog, whatever it should be called), it seemed like just yesterday, but in fact, it has been already three and a half years ago.

Certainly, I must thank all of you who have been following me all along, an old friend who encouraged me to start this and make it happen, my friends who have been supporting me and reminding me that I have been doing a good job here, and my students who have been studying under me and trying hard to improve their playing every single day. When I see a young student who started when she was 5 and this year she has just turned 11, growing to become a fine teenager who loves music; when I help a teenage student to build up her confidence in her playing from 0 to 10, from failing in exam to excelling in both exam and competition; when I help another teenage student to build her self-confidence while at the same time turn her hatred in music into fondness and even appreciation in the same subject; I understand whatever I am doing, however much struggle it has been, is worthwhile.

Some people, especially for those who have no training in or little knowledge of music, would suspect such power and influence piano learning can have in a person, even if s/he does not become a professional musician. It is perfectly understandable when one has never encountered the magic spell of proper music training. But once one is touched by this magical wand of music, one is changed forever.

The other day I was talking to a few friends who also play the piano yet their profession is not in the music field, and they told me the same thing, that their piano/music teachers influenced them most (and still very much continue to do so). I was quite surprised to hear that. And the more important thing is, it is not just the piano lessons that matter, but the way their teachers treated/taught them. It is the caring, loving and understanding attitude that exudes in the teachers – those who truly are concerned with the well being of their students – that matters. Such kind of teaching has been influential and well remembered in the students for the rest of their lives. I surely have experienced that myself and hope to do the same to my students.

Here, I would like to talk about the recent setup of my charity organization. My intension is simple yet its implementation proves difficult. This organization is established to promote performing arts on a non-profit basis, in terms of organizing concerts, workshops, and providing opportunities for the underprivileged children/teenagers who would otherwise have no opportunities to receive proper music training /education they desire to, and even those college graduates who would like to receive music education abroad but have no funding for them to do so.

To kickstart this organization, I am presenting a concert on July 7th to introduce to you about it and how music has deeply influenced all of us in many ways in our daily lives. If any of you are interested in understanding more about or even helping out in our organization, please contact us at The website for our Academy is still under progress, but you can have a look at it at I would deeply appreciate anyone who can give me a hand in absolutely any little way. Small contribution goes a long way, and each small contribution will merge altogether and become a bigger part of a force that will continue to grow further, in order to help generations and generations of youngsters and future musicians to come. This world, however advanced its technology is, still needs the beauty of Music, Life and Love. Human beings in this world, however much connected in the virtual setting, still need to care, support and encourage each other physically and emotionally through day-to-day contact in real person.

Please, if any of you can help in any way, whether in the upcoming concert or in running the organization, I would very much appreciate it.

Thank you for your attention.

Teresa Wong

Video/Audio Issue

Dear Readers,

There seems to be an on-and-off problem with the server recently that videos/audios are not available for viewing/listening to at times. I sincerely apologize for such inconvenience caused, and I shall have this fix as soon as possible, thank you for your attention.

Teresa Wong

Playing Love

Teresa Wong plays “Playing Love”, the beautiful theme song from the movie “Legend of 1900”.
黃穎妍彈奏電影「海上鋼琴師」的主題曲, “Playing Love”。


Willpower, students.

You all can reach further of your potentials. Far more. Only you are limiting yourselves to it.

Push yourselves harder please. And, don’t give up so easily, would you?

Stop self-deprecating and start believing in your ability and playing. With a strong willpower and belief in yourselves, you will all play much better in an instant. I am not kidding you. Haven’t I been sharing my experiences with you all already? I don’t think I could have done all these without a strong mind persisting all the time. And when things get tough, I resist and grow even stronger, instead of feeling weak, thinking about failure and giving up. That’s the way you should all do it as well. When it gets hard during your playing, you persist. When you make a mistake, you don’t give up; you don’t panic; you stay cool, become even more conscious and focus in your playing; you continue and play even better and more beautiful right after that mistake. You make the audience forget about that tiny wrong spot and make it right. You make better music.

When you are playing, you are the only one responsible for it. Success or failure is in your own two hands. There is nothing I can do about it. I can only help you in your lessons and practice. The rest is up to you. So, do you want to think success or failure? I’ve been telling you all, to believe in yourselves, to have confidence in yourselves. Because, if you yourselves don’t even believe in your ability to achieve something great and powerful like this, who would be there to believe in you? (I do, but you have to be the first to believe in you.) If you don’t even believe that you can do this, then what’s the point of doing it? Success starts with a strong belief in it happening.

So, start believing in yourselves, and show me some willpower, students. It’s all up to you.

I’ve been seeing some magic happening recently in some of you, and I hope it stays. I hope it stays and continues to happen.

Teresa Wong