Month: February 2016

[:en]Where do you get inspiration for your piano playing?  [:]

[:en]Sometimes students feel lack of new ideas to express in their playing and ask me this question, “how can I be more inspired?”

To that I answer, “You can basically find it anywhere than just at the piano.”

Go outside. Walk around on the streets, look at people and watch how they interact.

Look at the signs on the streets. Observe the different designs and colors.

Go to new restaurants or cafés and eat something different and exotic.

Go to the park, look at the trees, go to the beach, enjoy the ocean and listen to the waves.

Listen to the rain, listen to the birds chirping, enjoy the sun and watch the clouds moving and the different formation of them.  

Go to the islands. Do something out of the norm out of the ordinary. Watch foreign movie, read books and poems, listen to music of different genre not just classical music. Listen to world music, learn foreign languages, make friends of different nationalities and countries.

Write a story book. Create some characters. Draw. Color. Compose. Improvise.

Let your imagination and emotion run wild and free. 

You options are limitless.

Start now!

Teresa Wong

My upcoming book, "Piano Freedom"
My upcoming book, “Piano Freedom”



彈琴和學音樂畢竟是需要時間去學習、醞釀、思考、感受、磨練、聆聽、發揮的。有時可能覺得其他人 (的小朋友) 進度比較快而開始懷疑自己或小朋友是否太慢呢?其實很多時候大家一定要有更多的耐心去等待進度出現,而同一時間放更多的心機和時間去令進步發生。真正的進度是一隻在醞釀中的就像種子萌芽一樣,它的成長一開始有大部份都是在泥土裏面,你看不見它的生長,但是你一定要不停的灌溉施肥,小心地去處理它的生長、用心打理,最終當它生長出來是定會成為美麗的幼苗的。而究竟之後你是否想一直去灌溉打理,令它生長更大更高更茂盛的話,那就是你的決定了。



[:en]Emily D. plays Sports Song [:zh]學生錄音[:]

[:en]Emily Danatarayana plays her own composition “Sports Song”.[:zh]Emily D. 彈奏自己的作品 “Sports Song”.[:]

[:en]Common Questions on Music Learning and Piano Lessons (Part II)[:]

[:en]What happens in a piano lesson?

Piano lessons should include more than learning a few pieces and some scales for an upcoming exam or competition.

First of all, the lessons should be pre-planned and well structured, according to the progress plan made by the teacher with further discussion with parents and students.[:]