Month: February 2016

[:en]Common Questions on Music/Piano Lessons (Part I) [:]

[:en]Listening to music is one of the greatest joys in life. Making music gives us an even more profound sense of enjoyment and a deeper understanding of this universal language. Providing yourself/your children with a musical education is a wonderful gift of a lifetime.

For decades, different studies show both explicitly and subtly the many benefits of music learning, including improving IQ and enhancing children’s learning capability in all areas of learning even in academic subjects like mathematics and languages.

Piano training is in fact a great way to train one’s mind and discipline, and requires both physical and mental coordination…[:]

[:en]Afterthoughts on Student Concert 2016[:zh]學生音樂會後感[:]


Teresa Wong School of Music Annual Student Concert 2016
Teresa Wong School of Music Annual Student Concert 2016

I’m very glad that our annual student concert has come to a fruitful completion last Sunday. 

Here I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of the students for their participation and performance. I am equally grateful to see our students’ families and friends to come support us. I am confident that everyone enjoyed the concert as much as I did.
Emily and I performing my composition “Nostalgia”


It is without doubt that I would not have organized the concert successfully without my teachers and staff, as well as my student helpers. I would also like to say thanks to our MC, photographers and videographer. Everyone has played a crucial role in making the concert complete.

Individual Students' Performance

Individual Students’ Performance

This year I have a lot of new plannings for school and for myself. Tentatively we will have a piano duet concert at the end of this year. I hope to see you all there again.

Teresa Wong 
More photos of our student concert at: Teresa Wong School of Music Facebook Page


黃穎妍音樂學校周年學生音樂會 2016
黃穎妍音樂學校周年學生音樂會 2016













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