Month: May 2016

[:en]Student Progress, Performance and Competition[:zh]學生的表現,進步和比賽[:]

[:en]I rejoice with and for my students every time they are awarded in any musical occasion. And I tell them they need to be proud of themselves too.[:zh]不用多說,每當學生在考試表演和比賽當中得到優異的成績是,我絕對是為學生高興和感到驕傲的。但是我的喜悅和驕傲不是因為那些成績、分數、奬杯和奬狀。我滿意的是見到學生的持續努力、成長和進步,令他們得到如此優異的成績。[:]

[:en]About my second book, “Piano Technique Transformation Exercise Book”[:zh]關於我的新書 , “Piano Technique Transformation Exercise Book”[:]

[:en]I am thrilled to announce that my second book,  “Piano Technique Transformation Exercise Book” is also published and available for sale now! You can find them on the following platforms:

Amazon paperback

Kindle ebook


You can also purchase it on my website here.

With this book and my other book “Piano Freedom” – on top of my YouTube channel and of course my teaching! – I can assure you that your piano technique and playing will be better forever. Most importantly, you will enjoy your playing and music in a new way you would never imagined you could ever achieve. I can promise you just that.

Any question about the book and its application please do not hesitate to write me!




我的新鋼琴技巧改造練習書冊  “Piano Technique Transformation Exercise Book“現以出版了!


Amazon paperback

Kindle ebook


我的另一本出版書藉:  “Piano Freedom