Month: January 2017

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Piano Technique Transformation Intensive Course

This is THE course for you if you ever want to transform your piano technique forever for the better.

During the course of 10 weeks, you are guaranteed to be able to understand so much more about what real piano technique is all about…

Group course will commence in February 2017. Miss Teresa Wong will personally teach this course.

Miss Wong is the author of “Piano Freedom” and “Technique Transformation Exercise Book”. You can find her books on

This course can be taken as group course or individual course.

Contact us at for more details.

Music Exploration Course for Young Kids

Age: 3-4.5 

Class size: 3-6 students

Class duration: 45 minutes  

This course is an engaging music program that brings to your child the first joy in music appreciation and learning through the most natural ways: singing and body movement. It will present to your child a new beautiful and fun music world and prepares a great foundation for the child to much more solid and effective training in any musical instruments. 

This course is in preparation for our piano beginner program. 

Duration of course: 10 weeks

Whole Course fee: $5000 + $200 course materials

Early bird special: $4700 

Early bird Deadline: January 10, 2017

Course commences on the second week of February

Date and time (TBC): February 7th Tuesday morning or February 9th Friday morning 1000-1045am, 1045-1130am

Instructor: Miss Teresa Wong

Piano Lessons for Busy Professional

*A complete course package tailor made to suit your personal need 

*A wide variety of music choice designed to help you become an accomplished piano player and impress your friends and family!

*Options take lessons at our studio or at the comfort of your home (or even office!)