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Dear all,

I am writing to recruit a teacher with the following qualities:

1. Passion 

Passion for whatever s/he does, and goes in it full throttle, and in this case, it is piano teaching. 

I like to add that it is not just the teaching of piano and helping students to achieve good results in exams and competitions that counts. Rather, it is the kind of teaching that educate, inspire and empower students in the long run that the students themselves are positively encouraged that they become confident in themselves in whatever they do and in particular in this situation music-related, whether it be performance, education, composition, directing, or simply but mostly enjoying piano and to the extension music to its fullest extent possible available to the students themselves, and hopefully to others whom they might contribute to in the way they express themselves musically and personally in life. 

In short, it is the passion in bringing the best in students that I look for in this aspect of a teacher. 

2. Faith 

Faith for whatever s/he does, and not in a religious sense here. There has to be faith and belief in what a teacher (or a person) does and chooses to do every single day, not just because s/he is doing it for 10 days or 10 years and continues to do so only out of habit that s/he is afraid to break rather than s/he chooses to keep. 

So I am looking for someone with strong faith in music education, piano teaching and playing, a strong faith that such work is vital for, if I must spell it that way, up keeping the quality of mankind in terms of beauty the soul and heart. Someone who at least knows this deep in his/her heart and even sometimes with doubt s/he pushes forward nonetheless and keeps going because, a strong impact has influenced his/her soul and has given his/life such meaning so much so that s/he wants to show that to even only one other human being and hopefully more. 

3. Knowledge 

Knowledge in music in various aspects, not only in piano playing (history, repertoire, technique, styles), but also music history and related history (western history, arts,

language), theory and analysis, piano pedagogy, teaching methodologies in general, psychology and communication skills etc. 

4. Willingness to learn 

To add to point 3, even without all of the knowledge mentioned from the beginning of their teaching, the knowledge will come gradually when  one puts time, effort and persistence into one’s learning. Therefore, the one qualified is willing to learn. 

5. Humility

Being humble is an important quality for a teacher. One must know his/her value, treasure it dearly and ask others to respect that value. At the same time s/he must also know there is so much more one can learn from other teachers in order to improve their teaching. 

6. Teamwork 

Teaching is not a one-human business. The qualified teacher must be willing and open to communicate with others, suggest discuss and brainstorm ideas together in order to bring the school to the next level. It is an equally vital quality to communicate well with students and parents. 

7. Compassion

Compassion for others who work with  him/her, and for students and parents. A person with compassion in even strangers and every little things in life. 

8. Courage 

There are things we don’t know how to do at the beginning or we are afraid of taking up tasks we never did before or simply, of making mistakes. The person I am looking for is brave enough to surpass that with my courage and guidance and trusts that taking risk is simply much better than not. 

9. Trust 

There is trust between me and the teacher, that we are in this for bigger cause not merely for personal gains which is to be honest beneath my ideology. Therefore, the teacher would trust in my cause and decision and that s/he can speak up and beg to differ. At the same time,

I also trust that the teacher has enough knowledge, expertise and intellect (basically points 1-7) to give her/him full execution right in handling and teaching his/her students and any music projects assigned. 

I have heard many said I was harsh or mean or had high standards of people or things (or myself). However, I am not here to meet anyone’s opinion of me and therefore I would like to live up to my own expectation of myself, namely my integrity, and ask for someone to work with me with similar aspirations, one who is willing to learn and ready to contribute. 

Thank you for reading. And I hope to hear from you whoever and wherever you are. 


P.S. I am glad I didn’t write 10 points instead of 9, otherwise it might sound like a commandment…

Teaching the piano is also a privilege. Remember that.
Teaching the piano is also a privilege. Remember that.

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