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Many diploma students worry about the viva voce part in a piano diploma exam (ABRSM).

In this article, I show you how to study for it, with a PDF chart and a video explaining how it works step by step! Are you ready?


我從讀者那裡得到了很多關於如何學習viva voce的詢問。這是一個有清晰圖表和視頻的帖子。我會一步一步地解釋如何為你的口試做準備。


學生們害怕八級音樂考試中的聆聽測試部分 (Aural Test)!在這個視頻中,我給你舉例說明如何聆聽和識別終止式 (Cadences)。


Seymour Bernstein is a prolific composer, pianist and sought-after piano pedagogue. He also keeps himself busy with book writing on the subject of piano playing, and the book "With Your Own Two Hands" is certainly one such great product.

The best thing I have ever learnt from this book is the use of arm weight.


This series is a complete course on ABRSM Piano Exam Pieces (2019-2020 syllabus). In this series, we will teach you how to interpret, perform and practice each piece in the syllabus.

This series is suitable for all piano teachers and grade 8 piano students.


學生們害怕八級音樂考試中的聆聽測試部分 (Aural Test)!

在這個視頻中,我給教你怎麼聆聽和練習 Part A