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Many diploma students worry about the viva voce part in a piano diploma exam (ABRSM).

In this article, I show you how to study for it, with a PDF chart and a video explaining how it works step by step! Are you ready?

common questions

Here are some of the most common questions I always get from enquiries. I feel I should answer them here for quick reference. More would be added gradually.

*Note: This is also a good reference for teachers who want to set up their studio policy.

More Academic Readings: On Piano Playing and Performance

In this article, you will find a list of  reading references on piano playing, technique, performance, and psychology of performance anxiety.


Seymour Bernstein is a prolific composer, pianist and sought-after piano pedagogue. He also keeps himself busy with book writing on the subject of piano playing, and the book "With Your Own Two Hands" is certainly one such great product.

The best thing I have ever learnt from this book is the use of arm weight.

Reference Books For Specific Topic_ Chopin (1)

As a piano teacher, I am sure you are interested in getting better with your teaching. In this post, I share with you some basic principles on how to teach piano beginners effectively.

Piano Technique I

Piano Technique is a crucial tool a pianist has to acquire should s/he is serious in playing the piano. It is a technique that helps the player understand perfectly and clearly how s/he executes the notes with different combination of actions in the specific parts of the arm (the fingers, wrist, forearm, upper arm, to the shoulder blade), so that it not only enhances one's playing, but it also provides the player an efficient yet effective way to produce the desired sound and tone quality with ease with minimum effort.