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When we mention the name “Bach”, we would certainly first think of the great J.S. Bach, Johann Sebastian Bach. Few would relate the same name to his son C.P.E. Bach, Carl Philipp Emmanuel Bach otherwise.

For the general public and students (even to the ardent music lovers and music majors), C.P.E. Bach might not be someone they are familiar with or have even heard of...


Whenever I receive emails of concerned parents stating that their children seem to be losing interest in playing the piano, I always wonder, "Did I enjoy playing the piano when I was young?"

I started playing the piano when I was around 5. I could not recall if it was my own wish to play the piano, but my elder brother had been taking piano lessons at a music center and it was only natural for me to do the same as well...

The Right Mindset

Before we start playing, in piano lessons or practice, we need to have the right mindset. Only under such condition can a student learn and improve.

Now then, what is the right mindset? First and foremost, you have to have the positive learning attitude. That is, you are here to learn and improve. You want to play better. Respect your teacher and yourself. Trust your teacher's guidance and try your best to follow.


Many students have trouble in sight-reading. To be frank, I am an excellent sight-reader, I can play almost everything at the first read: you name it, and I can play it. But in order to help students with their sight-reading problem, I started my search for the "holy grail"- my research on sight-reading.


There is an old and infamous saying that goes, "the one who cannot perform, teach." It was used with so much misunderstanding that I almost believed it just like some did (and still do).

I once had a teacher, a very famous pianist who had won big prestigious competitions early in his performing career. I could not believe I could be one of his students when I first attended graduate school. However...


Yesterday we had started our piano pedagogy course (level I) again. As usual I was very excited to meet another new group of student-teachers who are passionate about learning more in the field of piano/music teaching.

I took an hour in the mid-day to go through the syllabus and notes before the evening class came.

As I was reading aloud the first class’ content, I found this urge of wanting to share with my student-teachers grow inside me and it felt really good!