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A student recently asked me about how to find resources on pronunciation of foreign musical terms, mainly Italian, French and German. So I found her some excellent resources on this matter.

More Academic Readings: Composers (I)

In this post you can find references on composers and their works : they are useful for preparing for viva voce and programme notes for piano diplomas too.


I have been giving this a lot of thought.

I wonder what more there is to help you as a music teacher, no matter you teach piano/violin/double bass/any music instrument.

Trust me, I have been there before.

The struggle to build a meaningful and financially rewarding music teaching career is real. But there IS a way to do it, more effectively and efficiently, with great foreseeable result.


"Teaching is such a noble work!", a student recently said to me. I never thought about it in that way.

Certainly, when one picked teaching as his or her career, one would not expect to make a fortune out of it. Some might choose it simply because of its stability, while others did have the desire to teach and educate the next generations...

Piano Technique V

Recently I am working on an extended research on the broad subject of “piano technique”, and in particular, the historical development of the writings contributed to such topic. Thereby I came across a dissertation that gives a detailed discussion on two centuries of piano technique methods.


Piano Practice I

Learn to plan your piano practice in the way that leads to quick and sustainable improvement in your piano playing!