Blog 5

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Ten Levels of Piano Practice

Piano practice is a creative and step-by-step process. Here are the ten stages a piano player would go through in his/her practice, with no.1 being the most basic to no.10 the last level to reach the final destination.

Piano Pedalling

Last month we talked about Sitting Posture. This month let's talk about Pedalling!

Sitting Posture

Starting from April, I will give a pointer every month for you to pay attention to and work on.

The first and foremost: sitting posture.

Now, many of you might think, "what does playing the piano have to do anything with how we sit?"

How we sit affects how we play.

dipABRSM examples viva voce questions

I compile here questions from past candidates of dipABRSM they were asked in their exams' "viva voce" sections. This reference article is tremendously useful for those who are preparing for their viva voce exams.

DipABRSM: Examples of Viva-Voce Questions2

In this post you can find more viva voce questions for dipABRSM piano exam.

Goal Setting (For diploma students)

This week I would like to start off by talking about Goal Setting.

What do I mean by goal setting in terms of piano playing?

Well, I mean by when you are preparing for an exam/performance/competition or even long-term progress!