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I know some of you are preparing for the piano diploma exams (ATCL/dipABRSM/LTCL/LRSM/
FTCL/FRSM), and you might be lost at how to find information on writing programme notes and preparing for viva voce.

The importance of flexible wrists in piano playing

One common issue piano beginners have is maintaining flexible wrists during their piano playing. In fact, this issue can even be found in many experienced piano players.

piano technique transformation course

Enroll in the course (Part I)

With the aid of videos and exercise book, you will be able to not only learn at your pace but also practice efficiently to improve your piano playing in a short period of time.

enjoy your piano playing

You know, sometimes when I write, I get really worked up.

You know why? Because I care.

I care about how people teach, and how people learn.

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As piano students and performers, you all know the importance of piano lessons and practice, and how a great teacher can inspire you to the next new level. But as piano teachers, do you know what you have to do in order to be successful in teaching piano students?

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Today I had a rehearsal for my upcoming concert. After the first run for one of the concert pieces, a member in our group jokingly said to me, "are we good enough to play in the concert?" I was a little startled by her comment.