Case Scenarios 例子

[anti-rclick]Some of you might wonder what exactly Piano Clinic is. I would like to explain to you in further details here. Let me give you some examples:

Case Scenario I 例子一

My student’s friend came to me for some lessons on grade 8 aural test. She was a quick learner, and had quite a good ear, so she did well even just for a few hours of this rather difficult aural training (especially the harmonic progression part). Then she asked for my advice on her grade 8 pieces. So I listened to her playing, and was horrified to find she play this first piece incredibly fast. I asked her why she took such a quick tempo. She replied that her teacher told her it was a dance piece so it should be played as fast as possible (apparently Prestissimo was not even fast enough!).

一名學生的朋友來找我上一些八級聽力測試的課 。她學得很快,並有相當不錯的耳朵,所以雖然她在這個相當困難的聽力測試中(尤其是和絃部分)只有幾個小時的訓練,但仍然表現出色。接著她懇求我給她有關三首八級考試曲目的意見。於是,我聽了她的彈奏,卻吃驚地發現她將第一首樂曲彈得令人難以置信的快速。我問她為什麼要彈奏到如此快的程度。她回答說,她的老師告訴她,這是一個舞蹈作品所以應該盡可能地快(顯然而見, Prestissimo這般的瘋狂快版是尚未達標的,因為此乖巧學生還一面慚愧地說她還沒有達到老師要求的速度!)。

The piece is a Baroque sarabande. Indeed it is a dance piece, but a slow one! In Baroque era, dance pieces were popular, and they were grouped as sets of dance suites. For instance, in the keyboard works of J.S. Bach, there are French Suites and English Suites. Each suite consists of several numbers of dance pieces, e.g. Allemande, Courante, Sarabande, Gigue etc. Under the specified name there is a set style and tempo, that means “Gigue” is definitely a quick dance, while “Sarabande” is a slow one. If the girl played that exam piece at such a fast speed, she would for sure fail. It was fortunate she could change the way she had been playing for a year in a few days, and eventually she was awarded grade 8 proficiency with merit. I could tell she could have gotten distinction should she study with a well-informed teacher.

該作品是巴洛克式的薩拉班德舞曲 (sarabande)。的而且確,這是一個舞蹈作品,但它郤是一個慢版的舞曲!在巴洛克時代,舞蹈曲式是十分流行的,他們還會被歸納為組曲 (dance suites)。比如,在J.S.巴赫的鍵盤作品中,我們便找到法國組曲和英國組曲。每套組曲包括若干數量的舞蹈小品,如:阿勒曼德舞曲 (allemande),庫朗特舞曲 (courante), 薩拉班德舞曲 (sarabande),基格舞曲 (gigue) 等。指定的名稱下有一個特定的風格和速度,例如基格舞曲 肯定是一個輕快的舞曲,而薩拉班德舞曲則是優雅而拍子方面比較緩慢。如果上述學生在考試中彈奏這樣一個快的速度,她肯定會不合格的。幸好她在數天內改變了她已經習慣了一年的彈法,最終她亦得到優良(merit)的成績。我深知她是有能力獲得優異(distinction)的分數的。

Case Scenario II 例子二: A PIANO STUDENT CASE

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