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Piano Technique Transformation Course

This course is designed to drastically transform your piano technique forever for the better. With the aid of videos and exercise book, you will be able to not only learn at your pace but also practice efficiently to improve your piano playing in a short period of time

Course includes:

My technique exercise book (pdf copy): “Technique Transformation Piano Exercise Book” (USD$25 value)

Section 1: Demonstration videos on various techniques with reference to Gyorgy Sandor’s “On Piano Playing” (USD$150 value);

Section 2: Demonstration videos on ALL exercises from technique book (30 exercises) (USD$250 value).

解答讀者的來信(二): 音樂表達



每星期我都會做一個video 去解答大家讀者有有關學習鋼琴或教授鋼琴上的問題。

How to perfect your scales (Part II)

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How to perfect a scale at the piano (Part I)

In this mini video series, I want to share with you how to perfect your scales! Knowing how to is the key, before you can drill it to perfection!
Let’s start!

0:36: on finger patterns
3:56: on executing a scale smoothly