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How does an online piano lesson work ?

Hello everyone, this is Teresa Wong.  

Today I want to explain to you how an online piano lesson works. In fact it is very simple.  

First, you need three tools.  

The first tool is your piano.

The second tool is your phone or computer: this way we can see each other online.  

The third tool is a good internet connection.  There is a fourth tool which is microphone, but it’s not an compulsory item.

Let me now tell you how you can set up for an online piano lesson.  

First of all, you need to sit in front of your piano.  Place your phone or computer next to the piano. The best position is that I can see your hands (and forearms) at the keyboard.  

You can use any online video chat app like WeChat, facetime, Skype, whatsapp.  Here you can see me and my piano. This is how I show how to improve my piano performance. If you have any questions about online piano lessons, simulation tests or intensive exam improvement programs, please leave a message or email me. See you next time!

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enjoy your piano playing

Enjoy Your Piano Playing

You know, sometimes when I write, I get really worked up.

You know why? Because I care.

I care about how people teach, and how people learn.

Because I had “teachers” who were mean to me, did not teach with enough knowledge, implied that I was bad at playing, trashed my confidence, without a care. And I vowed to myself I never would do that to my students, or hire any teachers who would do that to their students.

But I also had some wonderful Teachers who are great at what they do, who are good at their craft not only in playing, but also more importantly in teaching. Those are great human beings who have inspired me to do the same for my students, every single day.

So yes, sometimes I might sound very straightforward and blunt about how I think and feel in my posts, but I think my readers would appreciate my honesty here.

I like our students to enjoy playing the piano, and I also like you, my readers, who might not be our students (per se), to enjoy learning music and playing the piano. Why?

Because playing the piano is not a torture. It’s not a punishment. And for sure it’s not boring.

Certainly, it’s HARD sometimes. And sometimes it feels horrible when you can’t get this one passage or a scale or a sight-reading exercise (gasp!! just think about that emoji that looks like “The Scream” by Edvard Munch) right. That can be painful for a while. But that’s called struggle, and that’s how we learn and progress after we have managed that struggle.

I hope you have learnt something from me on this blog  – what I want to do here is to help you get better and enjoy more in your piano journey.

No matter where you are at in this music journey – time, level, effort- remember, this is YOUR journey. It’s personal, and it should be enjoyable.

Much blessings to all of you and happy playing,


P.S. Hey, I have a new scales video (series) coming out, check out the first one here!

Piano Technique Transformation Course (Level 1)

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Life with Music is Beautiful

Of All these years I have been organizing student concerts, this is definitely a very special one. Of course, in my mind and heart, every concert is unique, just as every one of our students at my school is.
Everyone gets nervous before, during and even after they perform on stage; it’s a normal reaction. Who isn’t worried about their own performance? But in order to get more comfortable and be better at it, one must go up that stage over and over again, sometimes even they have performed rather poorly in their last act. It’s the same in life: you get back up again and again after you fall. That’s how you grow and become better and successful in something that matters.

In all these years I have been teaching, building my own studio and school, one thing that is always dear to my heart is, that I inspire my students to believe in themselves, to truly shine as who they are meant to be. Today in one of my lessons, I told a student that she must “own it”, that she must truly believe she was performing in a way she and her audience would enjoy. That’s simply the only way for a pianist to perform on stage: to be completely comfortable in their own skin and show people what they’ve got.

As a woman myself, I want to especially encourage my female students to be confident in themselves and their own playing. Whether they be young or adults, female students have a hard time owing up to what they’ve got and show it. They feel intimidated and are lack of confidence, trying to be “humble” and not “showing off”. That kind of performance sounds however just like the way the performers feel: intimidated and lack of confidence. It’s not a kind of performance an audience would enjoy and can appreciate.
It is a “good” quality for one to be “humble” in traditional sense, and therefore being confident in oneself seems to the others rather arrogant or “too full of herself”. I would like to stress nonetheless that being confident in oneself as a performer is an important quality one must possess. Either you have it or you don’t. And when you don’t, you should simply refrain yourself from going up the stage. If you feel you are lack of skills, then you must go practice more before you go up on that stage. And there you must go back up there again and again.

I hope you all are having a wonderful new year. May this new year bring you prosperity, harmony and above all, joy.

Much love, many blessings,
Teresa Wong


New Year, New Hope 新的一年,新的開始

Dear Everyone,

I trust you all had a great holiday and a fresh start to this beautiful new year of 2017.

As this new year begins, so do us – me and my teachers at TWSOM – get back to work.

This year we will kickstart with our annual piano student concert (January), followed by our re-run of our regular intensive courses, some new fun programs, as well as exciting one-off workshops!

So here, I would like to announce that we will re-run our Piano Teacher Training Course (Level I) in February, and the deadline of the early bird special discount is January 15, 2017.

Our upcoming workshops will include topics such as songwriting and piano technique. They will give you some more insights into how the real courses work.

At TWSOM, we always want to provide music lovers – new or seasoned – with fun, creative, and systematic music programs, so that students not only have fun but also truly learn to master the instrument and gain real and lasting musical knowledge they can enjoy forever.

I wish you all a great start to the new year, and hope to connect more music lovers, students and parents, teachers and fellow musicians locally and all over the world!

With gratitude,




我們亦會再次舉辦鋼琴導師訓練課程(Level I)。此課程會在二月開始,而早鳥優惠截止日期是1月15號。




Piano Connecting Lives 鋼琴連繋生命

Life is about connecting with others, through something deeper and more meaningful, to touch others’ lives.

Music can do just that, and more. Through teaching, learning, playing, listening, performing, we connect with others – teachers, parents, students, fellow students, friends, public – through music learning and piano playing.

Therefore, piano lessons are not just a routine we go in week in and week out. They are many sessions of precious moments for us to share, explore and enjoy via the wonderful tool we call, “piano”.

Teresa Wong


通過教學,學習,彈奏,聆聽,表演,我們 – 老師,家長,學生,家人,朋友,大眾 – 就是藉著音樂一直的連繋起來。