This course is designed to drastically change the way students play the piano forever for the better.

In this ten-week course, we will explore the association between human body anatomy and piano performance, followed by body weight/weight transfer and various piano techniques, learning technique and technical foundation (scales, arpeggios, tone and dynamic). Students also learn to use pedaling and practice skills effectively.

This course uses the exercises in Miss Teresa Wong's "Technique Transformation Piano Exercise Book".


This course provides you with a blueprint for you to start teaching and building your own music studio as a new instrument teacher.

Throughout the 10-week course, you will start learning from scratch, from building your own music blog and social media channels, to how to promote your teaching, setting up studio policies and fees, and of course, how to recruit new students and retain current students!

This is a 10-week comprehensive course designed to help students who are preparing for ABRSM Grade 8 music exam (ALL INSTRUMENTS), or someone who just wants to learn how to properly and effectively recognize musical elements.

In this course, students will receive clear guidance and examples so they can learn to effectively listen, recognize and answer each part of the grade 8 listening test.

Towards the end of the course, students can measure their progress through two mock tests.

This course is specially designed for piano teachers. Whether you are new to piano teaching, or you are a seasoned piano teacher, this course will equip you with knowledge and information necessary for any piano teacher to start thinking differently and teaching more effectively, creatively and systematically.

We start this course from the basics of piano teaching: the objective, philosophy and methodology. We discuss about using our piano beginner books, child and adult student teaching, transfer and teenage students, recruiting new students, and studio planning.