Happy Anniversary to My School!

Yesterday marked the first anniversary of my school. I was beyond thrilled.

The past year had been a great ride, full of ups and downs. Full of hope and despair. Full of success and failure. But such is life. And we survived.

Today we had a monthly staff meeting. I gave a presentation of what my vision for the school would be, a presentation I worked on for two straight hours the night before – yes, a Saturday eve in front of the computer, how exciting. But indeed, it was very exciting for me. Making the presentation gave me a very clear and vivid idea of what I had done in the past few years, especially what I had done to build the school last year. I told myself as I was making the slide, “I am crazy. I have done so much!”

The slide is both an overview of the past projects and the new plans for the school. When I look at the numbers, I am absolutely excited. I can see what we have done so far and foresee what we are able to achieve in the next year and three.

photo 2


I am feeling hopeful. I am feeling my passion, my heart and soul in it.

Now I would like to recruit new staff, new teachers. I would love to have a core team that is committed in building the school together, someone who is willing to put his/her heart and soul into building a community that educates and inspires students and the next generation. If you are interested in joining us in a bigger adventure, please, send me a message. And I would also like to recruit new students who are committed to their playing and willing to give their best at it, those who already have the heart and soul in it and for it. If you are one of them, I would love to hear from you as well.



Tonight ended perfectly with watching the movie “Inside Out”. It reminded me of all the hopes and dreams and the things the moments and the people I should treasure. Those includes the ones with my students, my studio and my school. I thank you all for supporting me all along. August will be an exciting month and this coming academic year will be fantastic and new for me and the school.

More to come,
With love and in music,





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