Introducing Piano Clinic

[anti-rclick]Have you ever felt pain when playing the piano? Are there passages in a piece you have practised over a million times but still cannot get them? Are there some technical issues in piano playing you want to solve but do not know how to? Are you not sure how to interpret the three exam pieces and you would like someone to provide you with professional musical consultation?

Welcome to Piano Clinic. Whether you are currently studying with a teacher or not, you can attend a consultation lesson with me in this one-of-a-kind program. In each session, I will assess what technical problems you have encountered by observation of your playing and diagnosis of your potential problems. I will find ways to correct your problems and we will work on some exercises to help you right there in the session; these are exercise you can work on your own in the long run. For exam pieces, I will point out the particular passages you need to pay attention to and stylistic characteristics you should express.
歡迎到鋼琴診所 。無論你現正跟特定老師學習與否,你都可以參與我這一個獨一無二的課堂。在每一個諮詢課堂中,我將觀察你的彈奏方法和確定您的潛在彈奏困難以評估你的技術問題。我會採用不同的方法去糾正你的問題。我們會用一些練習,令您可以即時改善您的彈奏方法。而這些練習都是你可以自己每天運用及長期鍛鍊的。如果是考試樂曲的話,我亦能給你提供樂曲中應注意的地方及應有的風格等。

Each consultation session lasts for approximately one and a half hour.

To make an appointment, please send an email to
有興趣者可電郵至 預約時間。

Note: please have some specific questions and works prepared before coming to the consultation session for the best result.

Let’s see some Case Scenarios.

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