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Recently I had been extremely occupied with various matters/projects, and in the mist of all these, a lot of obstacles came up one after another, or put it at a more accurate way, they seemed to have come up all at the same time staring at me looking for trouble. As I tried to tackle them one by one, I understood they were not able to be solved in a short period of time, or rather, there were criteria and situations completely out of my hands that, only time, accompanied by patience, could tell and deliver the results and solutions. Ah, the bittersweet delicate taste of patience- or perhaps, not even a slightest lingering flavor of sweetness existed if ever.

As I always tell my students about having patience and focus on the stage and moment their playing is at, I at the same time remind myself constantly at the back of my mind that I do the same in my other aspects of life, be it personal or career wise. There are times when one pushes too far at too brief period of time, one is bound to feel stressed and frustrated, one is off balanced and starts to lose sight of what one needs to focus on, or sometimes even more importantly, what one already has gained so far.

So here I am, being truly grateful for those who have been supporting me all along, be them my Assistant, my Friends, or my Students (these three roles seem to have overlapped or occurred on the same persons more and more nowadays). I cannot thank enough for those who have been really being there for me physically and emotionally. And I know, I am here for you too. That is what I live for and what I work for, every, single, day.

Thank you for reading :)

Teresa Wong

P.S. I hope to return to my writing soonest, some much overdue…
P.P.S. And oh about the new courses, they can be in group or private lessons. I have received some emails about them, and I shall reply soonest. Please be patient with them (they are coming, I promise!), thank you.

No matter how hard it is. I am still here to make this happen. Trust me. I am here for You.
No matter how hard it is. I am still here to make this happen. Trust me. I am here for You.

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