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My first book, "Piano Freedom" is now available on!


Piano Freedom by Teresa Wong


  • Do you find it difficult to improve your piano playing?
  • Do you feel lost in your piano practice?
  • Do you feel lack of clear direction in polishing your piano playing?
  • Do you want better guidance with step-by-step approach to better your practice and playing?
  • Do you know there are a lot to learn and understand on piano technique with mastering which you can take your playing to the next new height, the ultimate freedom and pleasure in enjoying piano and music?

If You answered Yes to any of the questions above then this book is for you.

Piano Technique Transformation, 鋼琴技巧改造


Technique Transformation Piano Exercise Book by Teresa Wong


Whether you are an experienced player wanting to improve your skills or a teacher hoping to learn something useful for your students, Technique Transformation Piano Exercise Book by Teresa Wong is the perfect guide to help you take your playing to a whole new level.

This exercise book is a musical supplement for the Technique Transformation Course Videos available on Youtube, and the Piano Freedom guidebook available from the same author.

Technique Transformation and its associated materials are designed for advanced piano players or piano teachers.


Music on Wings: Piano Beginner Course Student Practice Guide Book I


Music on Wings: Piano Beginner Course Books I-IV by Teresa Wong

“Music on Wings” is an all-in-one piano program that provides a comprehensive training in all aspects of music learning: playing, listening, singing, reading, writing, improvising and composing.

The Piano Beginner Series is written in two sets: Teacher Instruction Guide and Student Practice Guide. Each set is written to ensure that both teachers and students alike gain through precision learning and best practice techniques.