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Piano Technique was a myth.

When I was younger I did not understand and believe much in technique. I thought, as probably influenced and taught by various teachers, that technique came naturally, that I just needed to practice more and did not have to work specifically to get it. Yet gradually I found even with hours of practice, my technique did not improve much. I then started to wonder if there was a problem with my practice. One should be able to play better when s/he practiced a lot, right? At first I did not know how to improve my technique. Naturally I asked my teachers. None of them gave me the answer I needed. Some of them just told me to practice more, while the others made it sound like some kind of fable or natural talent, that either you got it or not. Nonetheless, I did not believe so and desperately wanted to improve my technique so that I would not feel fatigue playing difficult repertoire for hours.

I set off my journey to find out the truth.

I was a bookworm, so I went to school libraries to find the books I needed. There were indeed countless books about this topic. I cannot say I had read most of them, but I did have a scan or quick read-through of a lot of them. I found most of them boring and empty.

With much persistence I found two books: Bernstein’s “With Your Own Two Hands” and Gyorgy Sandor’s “On Piano Playing”.

These are the two greatest books that have helped me the most in improving my technique, which has been completely transformed ever since.

I am not saying I have the best technique in the world, but I want to share with my students and readers what I have learnt and I hope this will help you too.

Having good technique gives you much ease in your piano playing and musical expression.

It grants you freedom.

And feeling free at the piano is one tremendous feeling.

Reading this book is important. But so is trying the techniques out.

Knock yourselves out with the methods here! You will find improving your technique is more than just drilling hanon and czerny mindlessly. Who says you cannot have fun while being serious at the same time?

Teresa Wong

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