New Place, New Direction

Dear All,

I apologize for not having been updating this site for a while, as lots have happened and have been happening recently.

First of all, a new place for a new school. I hope this place will be a welcoming place for a new team of teachers, a well- blending group of current and new students, as well as fellow musicians, to support one another to grow, learn, share, inspire, create, and educate. I hope this place will serve as a warm and comfortable hub for us all, a big family that is bound freely together with love, music, hopes and dreams. In fact, I can see it has been all of the above, since we have started using it for only a week or so since we moved in.

We will be introducing a whole new sets of music courses – a well-balanced combination of the classics and the innovatives – and I sure hope you all will enjoy and benefit from them.

I will show you all how this place is and will be very soon. With a new place, and a new direction, I hope to achieve new things and explore new possibilities, and reach for new goals and horizons.

You all have a great Thursday ahead.

With utmost gratitude and sincerity,


Our New Place.
Our New Place: The Grand Piano Room.

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