Our New Piano Course: Special Offer for New Students! 專業鋼琴初學者課程三月優惠

Special Offer: $2250 for whole 10-week piano course!
特別優惠: 整個鋼琴課程(十堂)只需 $2250!

Our school is now doing a promotion. As we have written a new systematic syllabus for the beginners (children/adult), we are now offering a special discount for the new students, the original 10-week course is $2500 and now after 10% discount is $2250. The course is one on one lesson and is taught by my teachers who are under my training and mentorship. In the first semester each student gets to learn 8-9 songs and scales, note reading and rhythm training.This offer ends by March 31 and for limited space. Please pass this to your friends who might be interested.

我們學校三月優惠課程專業鋼琴初學者課程(第一學期)。全期十課,每課30分鐘,原價$2500, 現特價$2250. 截止日期3月31日,名額有限,先到先得,報名從速。

More information at our school website.

Check out our school website for more information on our courses and teachers.



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