Passion and Devotion in Piano Teaching

I find these days most teachers are lack of two essential elements: passion and devotion in their teaching.

Many seem to regard their teaching as a job instead of a career, a work they get paid by the hour instead of a profession. Therefore, they put effort in that hour and leave it there after they have clocked in.

I doubt that kind of teaching will get a teacher and guide a student go very far.

I admire some of my students, who are already piano teachers themselves, still come to me for piano lessons because they understand they must learn more themselves in order to be able to teach their own students. I myself also keep up with gaining knowledge in various aspects other than music in order to be more effective in communicating with students, which is vital in guiding students to grow and improve faster and better.

Nothing comes easy. Any great work – teaching or playing – requires hard work and dedication. If one aspires to build a great career in teaching, one must put much effort and time in it. Just as if one wants to play well at the the piano, one must put heart and soul into it. There is nothing in between. However much effort you put in will determine however much result you get. It is truly that simple.

I would love – and only want – to hear from anyone with such quality above, whether they be teachers or students. Would you join me with this music journey? I promise you would gain so much from it, more than you can ever imagine.

Have a great week ahead, it’s going to be an exciting and fruitful week for me. And you? Make it happen.


Beautiful Drawing by My Student
Beautiful Drawing by My Student

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