Piano Teacher Training Course (Level I)

PIANO TEACHER TRAINING COURSE (LEVEL 1)  is specifically designed to train new piano teachers to start their fulfilling teaching career immediately upon completion of the course.

We help piano teachers to start teaching right away with all the basic skills they need and by using our method that is proven to be effective and systematic in not only teaching students but also building a private music studio practice.

Course Content:

L1:  Introduction: The Basics of Piano Teaching

L2: Build Your Own Piano Teaching Business

L3: Lesson Planning

L4: Lesson Planning I: Child Beginners

L5: Lesson Planning II: Adult and Teenage Beginners

L6: Studio Planning: Calendar, Fees and Policy

L7: Recruit and Interview New Students

L8: Find Your Own Niche

We already have this course available in Cantonese. We are now doing a pre-sale for this course in English – sign up for this course with an early-bird special price here (HKD).

For USD payment, please go here.

If you would like to have more information on the course and/or payment via Hong Kong local bank transfer,  please email us directly.

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