Positivity, Courage & Persistence

January 21, 2012

中文譯文: 積極態度、勇氣及堅持

Recently I have been reading (among a few others) a book entitled “The Flipside” *. It tells about stories in which all the protagonists have been through great trauma but they somehow turn those mishaps around, take those incidents as opportunities, and even reach big breakthroughs in their lives or careers.

Okay, the tone of the book is very assuring and to some even too corny or positive, because it contains a lot of stories in which the protagonists had gone through serious car accidents and had their legs amputated, yet went on to lead very prosperous lives and have successful careers.

Sure, not everyone can be strong enough to hang in there and accomplish such things. But there are also stories as simple as seeing the other side of the coin.


“It’s neither good nor bad, but thinking makes it so.” – William Shakespeare

One simple story that particularly impresses me is the story of a rose dealer. She was supposed to grow fresh roses to supply to the florists in her country as she saw the big opportunity that very few was doing the same business like hers, but the first crop of rose that she grew was found to be diseased and thus unsaleable.

Now, if thing happens like this, one would normally think, “I am doomed. What can I do now that there are only dead roses when I am supposed to sell fresh ones?”

This rose dealer flipped to the other side of the coin. She went on to a detailed research and found there was a huge dried petal sale industry that was pretty much untapped into and was developing (dried petals were in growing demand in wedding ceremonies and events alike). Needless to say, with her ceaseless effort in pursuing her new career, the rose dealer’s business with a new twist in direction went well and became a thriving one in the country.

“Every setback in life, every trauma, has two sides, but it takes a special type of person to find the flipside.”

Students, I just know you belong to the “special type of person”, because you are under my tutelage. Therefore, be positive, courageous and persistent, especially when you feel you just hit the rock bottom, because you know what, you cannot go much further down than this new low, and all you have to do now is to rebound and set a new high.

Teresa Wong

“The Flipside”, written by Adam J. Jackson, was bought during my Christmas trip, when the weather was at the time horribly bad much to my dismay. By grasping the very idea of this book quickly, I regained control of how I felt in that terrible situation and enjoyed my holiday as much as I could. And I did. And all I had to do was to think otherwise, that I didn’t want to ruin my holiday. I just opted to enjoy activities indoor instead of outdoor ones and stop thinking about how terrible my luck was encountering bad weather in a place supposedly tropical and all. If we don’t even want to waste the few days of our holiday, then why waste our precious days in L.I.F.E. and regret what we have done and not done, or be worried and anxious about something that hasn’t happened yet, like playing badly or wrongly?

2 thoughts on “Positivity, Courage & Persistence

  1. Another Encouragement!!!

    In fact many of us worried about playing badly during public performance, but how scared are you? To me is 200% scary. No confidence and courageous at all for I’ve never played smoothly for ages.

    To build up confidence and have courage to face it is yet still a long and winding way. Though now I have a bit of confidence, not much, about 20%; but fear is still over 100%. You know ‘that thing’ still exists though it occurred less frequently. Hence, I wanted to read the book and find out the flipside.

    Many thanks to your enormous effort and guidance given to each of us. I hope we students would not disappoint you.

    Guys, keep adding oil and achieve your own goal!!

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