[anti-rclick]April 26, 2010.

Even though we play the piano with our hands, it all starts from our brain. How we think and feel influence and almost determine how we play eventually. Therefore, Parents, please be positive to your children. I know sometimes it is very hard for us- the generation who was probably trained under verbal and corporal punishment when young- to say positive things when we are mad about our children and therefore use negative words to make them alert and realize their mistakes (because we love them and we want the best for them). But Please from now onwards, communicate and instruct with positive comments. For example,

Never say, “You are so lazy!”
Say instead, “Please work a bit harder now.”

Never say, “You are so stupid, how come you don’t get it after these many times of practice?”
Say instead, “I can see you have been working hard, and that’s very good effort. But it seems it is not getting where we want, can we think about why now and try different ways to solve what seems to be the problem?”

Never say, “Oh your playing sounds so ugly!”
Say instead, “Hmm last time you played it sounded a bit harsh. I think there should be something you can do to sound better. Now can you think about what it is? Perhaps try a few different ways to play it and see if you can make it softer?”

Be positive and you will get positive results. Be negative and you might never get there.

Reference book: The Key to Living the Law of Attraction by Jack Canfield and D.D. Watkins

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