Students, Don’t Belittle Yourselves

[anti-rclick]October 30, 2011

Dear Students,

You have to trust yourselves.

Trust your ability to play and perform well. Of course not just wait there and do nothing with only this belief. You still have to work hard for it.

Let me tell you this, you all can play well and do fine in your exams. I know so. I am doing everything I can to help you achieve so. all these articles I write for you, all the recordings I make for you and of you, the gatherings we have regularly, the concerts I organize every year, the competitions I have you signed up for, and most important of all, what I have been telling you in your lessons. These are all done to help you learn and achieve your goals. As long as you are reading them, listening to them, coming to them, doing what I have been telling you, then it is easy to achieve your goals.

Time is not of the essence. Effort is. How much effort have you been putting into achieving what you want? The reply will answer your doubt if you will pass your exam or not.

I believe in all of you. Do you believe in yourself and try your best?

Teresa Wong

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