Successful Music Teaching Course

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I want to help you build your music teaching studio.

When I set up my first music teaching studio, I experienced a difficult period. It took a lot of effort to achieve that dream, but most importantly, it took me a long time to find a real direction to build a successful music teaching studio. After the solid establishment of my music teaching studio, it was very satisfying in many ways. I wish there were someone who could guide me and teach me how to do it, so I wouldn't have wasted so much time searching for ways to build the studio I really wanted, so that I could focus on music and teaching.

I know I can help you: SUCCESSFUL MUSIC TEACHING COURSE is designed to change the way you - and many teachers who are passionate about music and teaching- teach and shape a music teaching career that you have always wanted . I like to take away your frustration and struggle, so that you can focus on contributing your effort to our local music teaching community. We need the best teachers like you to teach the next generation of students.



Course Content:

​L1: First Step to Building Your Studio

●   The five W’s of Music Teaching

●   Writing your music bio

● Define your teaching philosophy and objective

●  Discover your teaching method and style

L2: Build Your Music Blog

● A step by step instruction to show you how to build your own music blog to promote your music teaching

L3: Establish Your Social Media Presence

●  Build your Facebook page

●  Build your YouTube channel

●  Make your teaching video/audio

L4: Teaching Materials and Equipment

● Build your music library

● Choose and organize your method books

● Other equipment for your teaching

● Submit Project I: your music blog

L5: Studio Location and Budget Plan

●Find a studio location: what to look for

●Make a budget plan: income and expense

●Home studio or separate studio

L6: Student Fee and Studio Policy

● Set your student fee

● Write your studio policy

● Studio calendar: lessons, exams, recitals, competition

L7: Lesson Plan and Studio Calendar

●  Create a lesson plan: aspects of music teaching

●  Create a studio calendar

●  How to motivate students in their practice and lesson

●  Submit Project II: studio calendar and policy

L8: Discover Your Niche

● Find out your unique teaching style and strength

L9: Recruit Your Students

●  How to contact your potential students/parents

●  What to do in your first lesson/interview

●  Maintain your social media presence

L10: Conclusion and Review

● How to maintain your current students

● Review main points

● Submit your Final Project

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Note: This only applies to private music teaching; if you want to start a bigger teaching business, please contact us directly for one-on-one business coaching courses.