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[:en]The Importance of being Authentic[:]


I hope I have always been true to my students and my readers here.

Frankly I think I have.

But there were certainly times i doubted if it was the way I was supposed to be, if I were being truly authentic, perhaps to myself more than to anyone else.

I didn’t want to be too straightforward or outspoken at times because people might not like what i write and i would be ridiculed and criticised for that. Or i simply didn’t write it.

I didn’t want to write in a too serious or philosophical or academic or deep, meaningful or spiritual way that people might not understand what I was trying to say and think I am being pretentious or cheesy.

Well, sometimes I can’t help myself but just write it still. But I do know I had reservations. 

I think it’s time to just write what I want to write and say what I have to say, and there’s no better time than now.

It’s like playing the piano or getting your practice done: there’s simply no better time than now.

Or anything else you want to do in life really.

There’s no time to waste or miss out on things you really want to do. Or even to have fun!

I love teaching, but I don’t love teaching people who don’t want to learn and practice (and keep saying it’s hard and there’s no time), who don’t want to do the heavy lifting but want the result straight away.

I love playing, but I don’t love playing music I don’t want to play, no matter how popular a song is to everyone in the world.

I love writing, and frankly I don’t really care if there’s a lot of people reading this (it turns out to be quite a lot of you do so THANK YOU!). But I certainly hope those who do would find this blog helpful in the past few years: I have certainly spent loads of time and effort maintaining this and hope it would reach out to more people because I genuinely think I have great resources here.

I love to mentor others, but I don’t love mentoring those who are lazy and don’t put their heart and soul in their teaching and their career, those who just want to do the minimum in the most ridiculously imprecise and inaccurate way and ask me for the reward thinking that’s the way to do things. I say no to that and them.

I love precision, dedication, and passion. And there’s no other way to live and do things. 

I love integrity. That’s the only way to be.

So there you go.

I hope you have a wonderful week ahead. Today is a brand new day for a brand new week! Enjoy!

Teresa Wong








彈琴和學音樂畢竟是需要時間去學習、醞釀、思考、感受、磨練、聆聽、發揮的。有時可能覺得其他人 (的小朋友) 進度比較快而開始懷疑自己或小朋友是否太慢呢?其實很多時候大家一定要有更多的耐心去等待進度出現,而同一時間放更多的心機和時間去令進步發生。真正的進度是一隻在醞釀中的就像種子萌芽一樣,它的成長一開始有大部份都是在泥土裏面,你看不見它的生長,但是你一定要不停的灌溉施肥,小心地去處理它的生長、用心打理,最終當它生長出來是定會成為美麗的幼苗的。而究竟之後你是否想一直去灌溉打理,令它生長更大更高更茂盛的話,那就是你的決定了。



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