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Fun Music Stuff for Kids (& Reference for Teachers!)

February 11, 2012

Other than practicing and drilling constantly on the piano, students should be exposed to more music appreciation in terms of writing, reading about and listening to music as part of their musical training. Here are some useful online resources for kids (and even adult beginners!) to play and listen to at home:

Music theory: Worksheets for kids (teachers/parents can print them out for kids to work on)-


Listen to the sounds of different instruments here:


Time Machine Game: match the composers with their respective musical periods (suitable for older kids of intermediate/graded levels)-


Word game on music expression: hangman (suitable for older kids and adult beginners)-


Music quizzes-


Music appreciation (composers): listening for kids and adult beginners-


More online resources for kids-

www.DSOKids.com The Dallas Symphony’s new site for teachers and students

www.playmusic.org A children’s website from the American Symphony Orchestra League

www.nyphilkids.org The New York Philharmonic’s website for teachers and students

www.artsalive.ca An education website sponsored by the National Arts Centre in Canada

www.sfskids.org The San Francisco Symphony’s educational website for children

Teresa Wong