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References for Piano Music of Classical Period


Here are some great references for anyone who is serious in learning more in depth about piano/keyboard music of the classical era:

CPE Bach’s treatise: Versuch über die wahre Art das Clavier zu spielen (Essay on the True Art of Playing Keyboard Instruments)

It’s available in German and French at IMSLP: http://imslp.org/wiki/Versuch_%C3%BCber_die_wahre_Art_das_Clavier_zu_spielen,_H.868,_870_(Bach,_Carl_Philipp_Emanuel) 

For English translation: https://www.amazon.com/Essay-True-Playing-Keyboard-Instruments/dp/0393097161

Czerny’s Op. 500 Pianoforte-Schule

another historic treatise, in particular the second chapter concerning “the proper performance of Beethoven’s works”.  

English translation:  http://imslp.org/wiki/Pianoforte-Schule,_Op.500_(Czerny,_Carl) 

Second chapter on it’s own here: http://imslp.org/wiki/Special:ImagefromIndex/356510     

Rosenblum’s Performance Practices in Classic Piano Music

This is the go-to reference for all aspects of historically-informed performance at the piano Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Performance-Practices-Classic-Piano-Music/dp/0253206804 

Brown’s Classic and Romantic Performing Practice: 1750 – 1900

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Classical-Romantic-Performing-Practice-1750-1900/dp/0195166655/ref=pd_sim_14_4?ie=UTF8&dpID=51zCN6Dra0L&dpSrc=sims&preST=_AC_UL160_SR105%2C160_&psc=1&refRID=MZ31B06KHX63PDSB2767

Malcolm Bilson’s DVDs on performance practice:  

(If you don’t know who he is, go learn here )

https://www.amazon.com/Knowing-Score-Malcolm-Bilson/dp/0801444845/ref=sr_1_18?ie=UTF8&qid=1466971031&sr=8-18&keywords=malcolm+bilson https://www.amazon.com/Performing-Score-Malcolm-Bilson/dp/B006IVOTWU/ref=sr_1_20?ie=UTF8&qid=1466971031&sr=8-20&keywords=malcolm+bilson 

And his recordings:


Special thanks to our guest teacher Mr Polanski for this note.

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Online and Consultation Lessons

Due to popular demand, I am now officially offering online lessons to anyone anywhere in the world who cannot reach me locally. I already have students around Asia region, regarding topics on ABRSM / Trinity diploma exams. Look forward to connecting to more of you!

I am also re-launching my consultation lessons – they are basically those I have been conducting in “piano clinic“. You can come in for one-off session in which I address any issues you have regarding technical issue, musical expression, structural analysis, historical musical knowledge and understanding, performance practice, or anything concerning your preparation for diploma level exams (viva voce and quick study, program notes) and interview/audition for local and overseas summer schools/music institutes/colleges/universities. It would be useful for teachers who have questions over their teaching and playing technique as well. Interested parties please contact me through twsomusic@gmail.com.

Thank you for your attention.

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Technique Videos Recording Sessions
Technique Videos Recording Sessions

Workshop on Diploma Exams 2014
Workshop on Diploma Exams 2014

Piano Method Chart

August 28, 2012

Note: The list below is in no way complete. It is for quick reference only. I shall add more information later.

[table caption=”SCHOOL OF FINGER TECHNIC“]
Writer[attr style=”width:20px”], Title, Date, Content [attr colspan=”2″],[attr colspan=”2″]
CPE Bach,*Essay on the True Art of Playing Keyboard Instruments (“Ein Versuch über die wahre Art das Clavier zu Spielen”), 1753, [attr colspan=”2″] [attr colspan=”2″][attr colspan=”2″]
Marpurg, Die Kunst das Clavier zu spielen (1750), Anleitung zum Klavierspielen (1765), [attr colspan=”2″]
Georg Simon Lohlein, Clavier-Schule, 1765, [attr colspan=”2″] [attr colspan=”2″][attr colspan=”2″]
Petri, Introduction to Practical Music, [attr colspan=”2″][attr colspan=”2″][attr colspan=”2″][attr colspan=”2″]
Georg Frederich Wolf, Unterricht im Klavierspielen, 1807, [attr colspan=”2″] [attr colspan=”2″][attr colspan=”2″]
*Turk (1756-1813), Klavierschule, 1789,[attr colspan=”2″][attr colspan=”2″][attr colspan=”2″]
Louis Adam (1758-1848), Methode nouvelle pour le piano, 1798, Favor use of pedal[attr colspan=”2″][attr colspan=”2″]
*Clementi (1752-1832), Introduction to the Art of Playing the Pianoforte, 1801, Gradus ad Parnassum (prinicipal teaching aid, 100 studies for piano); started the trend of finger-gymnastics, (Clementi -Hummel-to the peak by Czerny)
*Hummel (1778-1837), The piano school of Hummel: Logical development of technic, 1828, Extension of Marpurg and Turk’s treatise, like Viennese action, [attr colspan=”2″]
*Czerny (1791-1857), Complete Theoretical and Practical Pianoforte School, 1837, “Letters to a Young Lady on the Art of Playing the Pianoforte”, specific rules
*Hanon (1819–1900), The Virtuoso Pianist in 60 Exercises (“Le Piano virtuose”), 1873, http://www.hanon-online.com/, [attr colspan=”2″], [attr colspan=”2″]

[table caption=”SCHOOL OF ARM AND WEIGHT“]
Writer[attr style=”width:20px”], Title[attr colspan=”2″], Date, Content, [attr colspan=”2″]
*Kalkbrenner (1788-1849),*Instructions to learn to play the piano with the help of the hand guide, (“Methode pour apprendre le pianoforte à l’aide du gui de mains”), 1831, use of wrist and arm; favor pedal use, pupil of Louis Adam
Louis Plaidy (1810-1874), Technical Studies for the Pianoforte, [attr colspan=”2″], Staccato touch with wrist, [attr colspan=”2″], [attr colspan=”2″]
Louis Kohler (1820-1866), Practical Method for the Piano Staccato, [attr colspan=”2″], use forearm move from elbow, [attr colspan=”2″],[attr colspan=”2″]
Theodore Kullak (1818-1882), Three books in octave studies, [attr colspan=”2″],[attr colspan=”2″],[attr colspan=”2″],[attr colspan=”2″]
C.J.Haake, Modern Piano Technic- How New Is It?, [attr colspan=”2″],[attr colspan=”2″],[attr colspan=”2″]
*Theodor Leschetizky (1830-1915), The Leschetizky Method, [attr colspan=”2″], Leave no methods- teaching theories assembled by students-ideal piano hand, Student of Czerny, his students: Paderewski- Malwine- Bree Von Melasfeld-Hughes
*Ludwig Deppe (1828-1890), the father of weight technique, [attr colspan=”2″][attr colspan=”2″][attr colspan=”2″][attr colspan=”2″]
Elizabeth Caland, “Artistic Piano Playing as Taught by Ludwig Deppe”, [attr colspan=”2″], [attr colspan=”2″],[attr colspan=”2″],[attr colspan=”2″]
C. Ehrenfechter, “Technical Study in the Art of Pianoforte Playing”, [attr colspan=”2″],[attr colspan=”2″],[attr colspan=”2″],[attr colspan=”2″]
Amy Fay, “Music Study in Germany”,[attr colspan=”2″], Coordination of arm action (Ch.VII p.97), tonal beauty in playing (108),[attr colspan=”2″]

Writer[attr style=”width:20px”], Title, Date, Content,[attr colspan=”2″]
Matthay, The Act of Touch In All Its Diversity, 1903, 4 books; the other 3:
The Forearm Rotation Principle in Pianoforte Playing (1912), Relaxation Studies in the Muscular Discrimination Required for Touch Agility and Expression in Pianoforte Playing (1908), The Visible and Invisible in Pianoforte Playing (1925)
Breithaupt, Natural Piano Technic, 1904, [attr colspan=”2″],[attr colspan=”2″],[attr colspan=”2″]
Fielden[attr colspan=”2″],[attr colspan=”2″],[attr colspan=”2″],[attr colspan=”2″],[attr colspan=”2″]
Otto Ortmann, The Physiological Mechanics of Piano Technique, [attr colspan=”2″],[attr colspan=”2″],[attr colspan=”2″]
Abby Whiteside, “Indispensables of Piano Playing”, 1955,[attr colspan=”2″],[attr colspan=”2″],[attr colspan=”2″]

[table caption=”SECOND HALF OF 20TH CENTURY“]
Writer[attr style=”width:20px”], Title, Date, Content [attr colspan=”2″],[attr colspan=”2″]
Dorothy Taubman M.D., Taubman Institute of Piano Studies, [attr colspan=”2″], problem of musical injuires, treatment of tendinitis and carpal tunnel syndrome,[attr colspan=”2″]
Suzuki Suzuki, Piano Method, mid-1900s, [attr colspan=”2″][attr colspan=”2″][attr colspan=”2″]

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Baroque Ornamentation

[anti-rclick]November 26, 2011

This table of ornaments is selected from C.P.E Bach’s “Versuch über die wahre Art das Clavier zu spielen” (Essay on the True Art of Playing Keyboard Instruments) for your reference.

Teresa Wong

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Mae-Z Fam: C.P.E. Bach’s “Solfeggietto” (Version I)

[anti-rclick]Mae-Z Fam plays C.P.E. Bach’s “Solfeggietto”.

This is a yet-to-be-polished “Version I” as of October 2010. We will work on this song on and off in the next few months and see how much we can polish it, which will be shown in “Version II”.

[qt:http://teresawong.dyndns.org:9001/video/maezbach.m4v 480 272]

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