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[:en]The First Duet by Teresa Wong[:]

[:en]The First Duet, composed by Teresa Wong, filmed and edited by Teresa Wong, performed by Teresa Wong and Carol Yip. Oct 2015. “The First Duet”, 黃穎妍作曲,黃穎妍和葉瑞芬彈奏,黃穎妍監制和剪接。[:]

Maintenance Work on Recording Links in Progress

My dear readers and students,

I was brought to attention that my audio recordings here have not been working for a while. Now I have fixed some of them and will keep fixing the rest. I am also putting them on SoundCloud one by one as another way (probably a better way) for you to listen to.

Please click here to go to the page of my recordings.

Thank you all for your attention and concern.

Much love,


Although we are still in the thick of this cold winter season, we can still listen to some music from the summer time can’t we? Perhaps it can warm us up a little bit.

Cheers, Teresa.

Summertime from Porgy and Bess by Gershwin. Performed and recorded by Teresa Wong.