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Farewell 再會 by Teresa Wong 黃穎妍



This video was filmed at a beautiful place in Colorado. It was a magical trip to be there, celebrating life, freedom, creativity, love and new start to an unknown yet exciting journey ahead. As I give myself more to my music and my creativity, I see there are so much more to life than being in a rut, a normal day-to-day life that is comfortable yet unchallenged. A new unexplored path is scary to trod on, but life without challenge and adventure is in fact not a life. Every life is precious. We must embrace our own authentic self so that we can live it to the fullest. Then it would be a life worth living.[:zh]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YFQqSbGqSx4[:]

[:en]Sanctus (Hong Kong): String Quartet Version[:zh]Sanctus (Hong Kong): 弦樂四重奏[:]

[:zh]This is a string quartet version of my unaccompanied choral music “Sanctus (Hong Kong)”. Hope you like it![:]

[:en]Emily D. plays Sports Song [:zh]學生錄音[:]

[:en]Emily Danatarayana plays her own composition “Sports Song”.


https://soundcloud.com/teresawongpiano/emily-d-sports-song[:zh]Emily D. 彈奏自己的作品 “Sports Song”.


New Piano Programs !

Teresa Wong School of Music is launching new exciting piano programs for the new academic year! Ranging from piano beginner to piano diplomas and piano teacher training, there is definitely one program for you!