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Ten Levels of Piano Practice

[:en]”Practice is objective, organized, and rational.”

-Teresa Wong, “Piano Freedom”, p.73

Piano practice is a creative and step-by-step process. Here are the ten stages a piano player would go through in his/her practice, with no.1 being the most basic to no.10 the last level to reach the final destination. [:]

[:en]Common Questions on Music Learning and Piano Lessons (Part II)[:]

[:en]What happens in a piano lesson?

Piano lessons should include more than learning a few pieces and some scales for an upcoming exam or competition.

First of all, the lessons should be pre-planned and well structured, according to the progress plan made by the teacher with further discussion with parents and students.[:]

[:en]dipABRSM (Piano Performance): Viva Voce Preparation Notes[:]

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