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Maintenance Work on Recording Links in Progress

My dear readers and students,

I was brought to attention that my audio recordings here have not been working for a while. Now I have fixed some of them and will keep fixing the rest. I am also putting them on SoundCloud one by one as another way (probably a better way) for you to listen to.

Please click here to go to the page of my recordings.

Thank you all for your attention and concern.

Much love,

It’s Christmas Time! (almost..)

I love Christmas, there is no doubt about it.

And I love Christmas songs too.

I remember in our first studio recital, I played my own arrangement of Christmas medley as an encore. That was one memorable moment I would never forget. (ah, the pure contentment after the end of our first student concert..)

Let’s kickstart this pre-Christmas season with some wonderfully arranged Christmas piano music.

As requested by student, here we go : “Winter Wonderland” beautifully arranged by Pamela Wedgwood.





以下是學生要求我錄音的,希望大家喜歡。樂曲名字是”Winter Wonderland”。



Teresa Wong

I wish you all a fulfilling CNY. 蛇年快樂

Teresa Wong plays “Falling” by Pamela Wedgwood.




[qt:http://teresawong.dyndns.org:9001/video/falling.m4v 640 360]

Note: For better viewing experience, please click on the post’s title and have the video mostly or fully loaded before you start watching it.

Keep safe and sound, my Friend.

Teresa Wong