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[:en]New Year, New Hope[:zh]新的一年,新的開始[:]


Dear Everyone,

I trust you all had a great holiday and a fresh start to this beautiful new year of 2017.

As this new year begins, so do us – me and my teachers at TWSOM – get back to work.

This year we will kickstart with our annual student concert (January), followed by our re-run of our regular intensive courses, some new fun programs, as well as exciting one-off workshops!

So here, I would like to announce that we will re-run our Piano Teacher Training Course (Level I) in February, and the deadline of the early bird special discount is January 15, 2017.

Our upcoming workshops will include topics such as songwriting and piano technique. They will give you some more insights into how the real courses work.

At TWSOM, we always want to provide music lovers – new or seasoned – with fun, creative, and systematic music programs, so that students not only have fun but also truly learn to master the instrument and gain real and lasting musical knowledge they can enjoy forever.

I wish you all a great start to the new year, and hope to connect more music lovers, students and parents, teachers and fellow musicians locally and all over the world!

With gratitude,






我們亦會再次舉辦鋼琴導師訓練課程(Level I)。此課程會在二月開始,而早鳥優惠截止日期是1月15號。





How to choose a piano diploma exam program (I)

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[:zh]什麼是「好聽」? (一)[:]



對我來說,音色(tone color) 是一個很吸引的重要元素。好的音色是明亮(bright)、清澈(clear)、實在(solid),有時可能是溫柔溫婉,但仍然是清脆,絕對不是散(mushy) 或浮面(shallow) 的聲音。

我想補充一句,音色 (tone) 和聲音(sound) 是兩個截然不同的元素。音色是音樂的顏色,聲音是音樂的量度(volume)。所以聲音就是大細聲(forte:loud, piano:soft etc)。

Teresa Wong 黃穎妍[:]

[:en]How to Use Piano Pedal (II)[:zh] 踏版的用法 (二 ) [:]