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[:en]The Ultimate Solution to Your Success at the Piano[:zh]新的一年, 新的挑戰[:]

[:en]Are you always frustrated with constant practice but not enough improvement in your playing? Do you know you actually have so much more potential to grow and progress? Do you want to play so well that you surprise and surpass your old self (/old teacher) ?

Here is the ultimate solution to change the way you play, to pass the exam you want, and to reach your utmost potential.

(The same goes for your children).

Let’s GO!


我時常收到大家和學生的詢問有關怎樣去找有用的資料去寫筆試programme notes 和預備口試viva voce。今天這個video直接讓大家跟我一起看看我怎樣search吧!