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[:zh]音樂和旅遊遊記 (一)[:]


最近我在美國把電子琴 (sadly not piano, might try that next time) 搬到不同地方彈奏及錄影,另外亦到不同地方彈別人的鋼琴,包括陌生人的家當然也不少得 my favorite: 去錄音室錄音。我把這些錄影片段逐一剪接 (it really takes a lot of time editing!), 而這是其中一個。

為了要去這地方錄影,我們花了差不多三小時駕車到達。另外,承朋友的幫助,我們從她的家人家中借了這部電子琴 (trust me, it’s pretty heavy),並帶着它到這了無人煙的草原去彈奏。


首先,我們在黑暗的草原上生火。It’s real campfire! 我們用真的木頭 (不是炭!),感覺很特別,很 natural (「這才是真的campfire!」)。

一望無際的天空中,我看到無數的繁星。那晚,我還是唯一一個看到 流星的人啦!

另外,我第一次在車上睡覺 (it’s a camper, 是流動的露營車),感覺很是新奇。我睡得超好的!

第二天早上,吃了簡單的早餐 (我們其實有小廚房煮野食) ,我們set up工具準備䦕工。


其實,即使過了四個小時,朋友叫我「要走了」時,我實在是不捨得離去的。我是可以繼續待在那裏再彈四個小時的琴也不嫌辛苦。只不過我也不忍心要我的朋友承受更多的的暴曬,所以我唯有接受現實,packed up 走人了。






[:en]About Our Piano Beginner Course[:]

[:en]Our “Music on Wings: Piano Beginner Course” is an all-in- one piano program that provides a comprehensive training in all aspects of music learning: playing, listening, singing, reading, writing, improvising and composing.[:]

[:en]Chantelle: G Major Waltz [:zh]Chantelle: G大調華茲姿[:]

[:en]Chantelle is playing my composition, “G Major Waltz” from our piano beginner program (Semester 2). It sounds wonderful, isn’t it?



https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7emMDHZoMMk[:zh]Chantelle 彈奏黃穎妍老師的作品, 「G大調華茲姿」 。此作品現收錄於本校的初級鋼琴課程 (第二學期)。



Practice Guide for Piano Beginners

I always get asked about how much time a student should spend on practice. For me, I understand the busy schedule of a kid /adult, and frankly, I do not expect anyone to spend lots of time only at the piano as there are just so many things to do every day! Also, I am all about efficiency and effectiveness now, that I want the maximum result in the shortest time. But that can only be achieved by maximum level of focus, awareness and determination to succeed. So, it is not just about what the teacher can do in a lesson, but also how the student would do in a practice session!

Now here is a rough guideline to those (students AND especially parents) who are new to this whole music instrument learning journey.

For our Piano Beginner Course, I recommend this:

Semester 1 

15 minutes a day, 5 days a week

E.g. Monday to Friday

Instructions: Set a regular time for daily practice 

It is a very important matter that students know they need to have a regular routine for their practice, so setting the same time for daily practice is a great way to go. When sometimes it might not be plausible to log in the same time every day (like 5pm SHARP is completely ridiculous and out of line probably, we are not in a military camp here!), simply set a time for piano practice after a certain daily task is completed would do the trick.

E.g. 5-5.15pm (after homework /before dinner) or 8-8.15pm (before bed)

I never try to pressure anyone into having a DAILY practice, which really means seven days a week. Certainly I would be glad that any student would do that, but it is not really necessary or strict like that (unless of course you are getting trained to become a professional musician/your child is a music prodigy! But then you/your child would just do it out of the love and passion for music without anyone urging you/him/her to do so already). So here is a sample practice schedule:

Sample practice schedule-



T W T F        S 

5-5.15pm      10-10.15am

Students should go through all elements in each practice session, and that includes songs, scales, and sometimes writing/reading (as in our piano beginner coursebook). We have a very clear guidelines in our student book on what and how much time to spend on each element, so both student /and parent can follow the guidelines and practice accordingly to get maximum results.

I hope this is clear enough for anyone who has just started with us (or with someone else) on their piano journey, and even to the teachers who feel lost when telling their students to plan their practice routines. I am always glad to see anyone starting to play the piano NOW, from 4 to 104!

Teresa Wong

*This is a minimum requirement of daily practice routine. Students are encouraged to either do two 15-minute sessions (morning and evening) or one longer sessions of 20-30 minutes if keen to learn and progress faster, and have more fun at the piano!

[:en]My First Christmas Keyboard Book[:]

[:en]Let’s enjoy Christmas by learning to some nice Christmas music! Read what I have found recently in the bookstore… great for children to play and have a taste of music in this festive season of love and celebration![:]