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[:en]J.S. Bach: Italian Concerto, second movement, “Andante” [:zh]J.S 巴赫:意大利協奏曲,第二樂章 “如歌”[:]



[:en]Afterthoughts about our masterclass[:]

[:zh]We had a wonderful masterclass conducted by Mr David Polanski yesterday, on a Sunday afternoon: when most people take the time relax and go out with their friends and family to enjoy their day off, we gathered together at the studio to listen to each other’s piano playing and talk about the great music of Mozart and Beethoven. I thought, what better way to spend a lovely Sunday afternoon together than that. [:]

[:zh]練習的十個層次 (第一節)[:]




1: 音與節奏

2: 拍子

3: 強弱與發音法 

4: 速度

5: 作品表現的特性和情感


6: 樂理認知

7: 作曲家背景及相關音樂歷史

8: 個人感受

9: 雕琢

10: 作品演奏[課堂、演奏會、比賽、考試]


[:en]Welcome, Maestro Polanski! [:]

[:en]I am beyond delighted to announce that Mr Polanski, a Beethoven specialist, is our guest teacher now for consultation sessions and will be available for regular lessons after June! He will also be conducting small masterclasses and workshops with us. How exciting!

Here is a little glimpse of Mr Polanski’s impressive music experience:

In a career of over 20 years, maestro David Polanski has been sharing the gift of music with students of all ages. A former student of world-renowned pianist Malcolm Bilson (Cornell University), maestro Polanski holds Master of Music degrees both in Fortepiano Historical Performance and in Musicology (Boston University), as well as Bachelor of Science degrees in Piano Performance and Pedagogy (Hofstra University). He is a specialist in the music of Beethoven as well as 18th and 19th century performance practice and aesthetics. In addition to piano tuition, he has been an active performer, accompanist, and composer working with many prestigious organizations including Harvard University, the Boston Ballet, Staatliches Institut für Musikforschung Berlin, Schola Cantorum Basiliensis, Universität Bonn, Universität Nürnburg-Erlangen, and Boston University. Incorporating rigorous music theory, history, and philosophy in his approach to performance practice, maestro Polanski brings an historically informed method to his dynamic conservatory-style teaching and coaching.

Mr David Polanski
Mr David Polanski



[:en]Simple Information on Diploma Viva Voce Preparation[:zh]鋼琴演奏文憑口試預備簡要[:]

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