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[:en]Emily D. plays Sports Song [:zh]學生錄音[:]

[:en]Emily Danatarayana plays her own composition “Sports Song”.


https://soundcloud.com/teresawongpiano/emily-d-sports-song[:zh]Emily D. 彈奏自己的作品 “Sports Song”.


[:en]Emily’s little Christmas Medley :) [:zh]Emily 自己編的聖誕音樂 :)[:]

[:en]With some students who are more talented and interested in creating their own music, I would help them with better arrangement and structure, while give them liberty to “do their own thing” so to speak. So I just gave Emily a little advice with the opening (introduction) and the interludes (linking the different Christmas songs together), oh and the “grand finale” which I thought it’s pretty cool. The video below is only part of her medley. Enjoy!