Teaching Update 最新信息


August 1, 2010

I am very glad to have received increasing enquiries about my teaching and appreciation of my website. As a result, I have also accepted a number of promising new students. I will continue to try my very best on bettering my teaching!

And for sure I have not forgotten my existing old students, who have been showing much progress and improvement recently. I feel very blessed to witness your musical growth and have your support all these years! Keep up the good work, you all!

Teresa Wong

P.S. There are limited time slots available for lessons. Hurry up if you wish to secure a suitable lesson time for yourselves or your kids!





Teresa Wong

P.S. 現時可供上課的時段愈來愈有限。如果你想為自己或您的孩子找到合適的學習時間的話,請快點聯絡我吧!

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