[:en]Where do you get inspiration for your piano playing?  [:]

[:en]Sometimes students feel lack of new ideas to express in their playing and ask me this question, “how can I be more inspired?”

To that I answer, “You can basically find it anywhere than just at the piano.”

Go outside. Walk around on the streets, look at people and watch how they interact.

Look at the signs on the streets. Observe the different designs and colors.

Go to new restaurants or cafés and eat something different and exotic.

Go to the park, look at the trees, go to the beach, enjoy the ocean and listen to the waves.

Listen to the rain, listen to the birds chirping, enjoy the sun and watch the clouds moving and the different formation of them.  

Go to the islands. Do something out of the norm out of the ordinary. Watch foreign movie, read books and poems, listen to music of different genre not just classical music. Listen to world music, learn foreign languages, make friends of different nationalities and countries.

Write a story book. Create some characters. Draw. Color. Compose. Improvise.

Let your imagination and emotion run wild and free. 

You options are limitless.

Start now!

Teresa Wong

My upcoming book, "Piano Freedom"
My upcoming book, “Piano Freedom”

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