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I am a big fan of TED talks. I always find something inspiring on this platform. A couple days ago I watched a talk about “willful blindness”, and I want to share with you here.
The speaker suggested that a lot of people, when presented and the evidence of the truth and understand perfectly the fact contrary to what they previously knew, still hold on to the old knowledge and turn a blind eye to the new understanding of the truth, even such understanding (and the solution to the existing issue) will fix the issue completely and change their lives for the better – and in the case the speaker presented, save them from life-threatening situation.
So why do we do that? Why, when we know there is another way to do something which can alleviate our pain and solve our problem, we simply ignore and do not try the new presented solution? As human being, we are all too comfortable in our own current situation, even it is not that comforting and we do want to change – we just cannot take up the courage to try and take the risk of something new while holding onto the cruel fact that the existing situation is not something we desire either. At least we know what pain and discomfort we are in, while there is too much unknown in the unexplored territory, in which we might find immense comfort and relief for the better (and God/Mother Nature forbid, “forever”).
We are all prone to willful blindness, all of us as homo sapiens. But can we try to open up our eyes – or even better, our heart and soul (the inner eyes)- and for the first time, truly see what we seek and what we can do to achieve that?
And I digress.
Teresa Wong
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“The dangers of willful blindness” by Margaret Heffernan:

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