You know I am Here for You, my Students

中文版: 我的學生,你知道你總是可以指望我的

April 9, 2012

I love my teaching. I love my students.

Even when I am hurt, criticized, by malicious words and behavior because of my Teaching, I am still doing it, because it is my Destiny to Teach. It is my Responsibility to be here for my Students. And I shall never regret it. And I shall never quit. I am always here for you, my Students.

You might think, sometimes I am too serious. Does it have to be this way? Yes, it does. I have tried to care less about who you are, how you play, how you learn, and how you grow. But I just cannot let you slip away. I want you to truly understand and enjoy Music, close to as much as I do.

Nietzsche said, “Without music life would be a mistake.” Sounds cliché, but it is true to me. If there is no Music, there is no Life for me.

I know sometimes you are frustrated too in your playing, and you really want to fix it. Let me remind you that you just cannot rush it. You have to have Patience, and put much Effort, Focus and Persistence into it. Then, Time will tell if you have improved or not. The time that you will need is usually much more than you expect. A lot more.

There might be many obstacles along the way. There might be many things in different aspects of life we have to deal with. But everyone does, and you are not alone here. I am on your side when you are walking on this path. Just believe you can do it and work hard for it, with me together.

Sometimes I might have said things that hurt your feelings. But that is not what I want. I never want to hurt you. I am just pointing the problems in your playing, NOT in you. It is not a criticism towards you the person, but a suggestion towards your playing. You have to separate the two. Otherwise, it is hard for me to teach you and hard for you to improve further.

At the same time I am learning, at the same time I am teaching. For that I am truly blessed.

And you know you can always count on me, my Students.

Teresa Wong

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