Young Children’s Practice Sessions

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April 19, 2010.

In my studio policy I suggest beginners and students of first year’s learning keep a daily routine of 20-30 minutes’ practice. I feel that I have to further elaborate on such guideline.

This guideline indicates a  “general” schedule. For really young beginners (4-5 years’ old), they should not be pushed to practise 20-30 minutes every day. During the first few months of piano training, young children should probably practise about 10-15 minutes which can be extended to 20 minutes only when necessary and when the children themselves want to play more. I suggest my students’ parents that it would be more effective when they break daily practice into 2 sessions of 10 minutes and keep each session short and precise. For instance, children can practise 10 minutes after school, having a little rest and small high-protein snack for energy boost. Then they can go on with their daily routine. 

Another 10-minute session can occur after dinner. If the students get everything done in the first 10-minute session or there is really no more time, there is no need to make them practise another 10 minutes. But students should work on different music or aspects of music in the two sessions or else they would feel bored and obliged to practise, wondering why they have to repeat same practise twice.  

Remember, this is only applied to beginner students of ages 4-5. From age 6 onwards children should be able to sit still and practise for at least 15 minutes a day or in one session.   

Reference Book: Your musical child: inspiring kids to play and sing for keeps By Jessica Baron Turner

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